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Click the SUBMIT button of the appropriate category below. Please submit images at 300dpi, and videos at high resolution, landscape format with excellent sound quality. Original pieces may need to be available if  work is selected for publication. 

Preference is for work not previously published or featured online on any social media, especially those design, wedding, or calligraphy-focused. 

Work shared on your personal blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is acceptable and welcome. 

Monetary compensation is not offered at this time. However, all published artists will receive acknowledgement and a clickable link on the Contributors page.

If you need help taking magazine-quality photos of your artwork, let us know! Go ahead and submit the photos you have, and then if we accept your work for publication we may ask you to mail your artwork to us (insured) so that we can photograph then return it to you.


By submission, the  artist acknowledges ownership and copyright to all work submitted and grants non-exclusive rights to Calligraphy Crush Magazine to use said work in its publications and online; including but not limited to its magazine, promotional materials, website, blog, and social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Calligraphy Crush Magazine acquires First North American Serial Rights upon submission acceptance. Rights revert back to the artist upon publication.

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Email Maureen at

Have a clever product or project that incorporates calligraphy, hand lettering, brush lettering, iPad lettering, or watercolor illustrations?

We'd love to see your photos (and videos are highly encouraged). Please include the story behind your project!

Don't forget to include a tools and supplies list!

Have a clever product or project that incorporates brush lettering, iPad lettering, or watercolor illustrations?

We'd love to see your photos (and videos are highly encouraged). Please include the story behind your project!

Don't forget to include a tools and supplies list!

Usually by request from Calligraphy Crush related to our issue's theme. This is where our Feature Artists upload their work for their feature article.

We are collecting submissions for cards and notes that you have designed to give to friends and loved ones, for any occasion: calligraphy card exchanges, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, get well soon, cards with attitude, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, holidays, etc.

These designs will be collected to create a special inspirational card issue available as a bonus to all subscribers, as soon as we have enough submissions to create an issue. Our goal is to offer this issue annually in October.

Please include details about your design, such as inspiration, lettering style, and tools and supplies used. Photos should be at least 300 dpi.

Have a clever project or special way of doing something and would like to share with our readers? We hope so! 

Tutorials about calligraphy, hand lettering, brush lettering, iPad lettering, small watercolor illustrations, and paper crafts that incorporate calligraphy.

If you are teaching a calligraphy, lettering, or watercolor illustration class and would like to send us an excerpt from your class, our readers would love it!

Submit detailed steps in text format, a complete supplies list, & at least one photo per tutorial step.

Videos are HIGHLY encouraged! High definition, excellent sound, and landscape format preferred.

Reviews of calligraphy, hand lettering, and watercolor illustration products, tools, and supplies and the various ways you can use them. 

By review we mean presenting the best ways to use a particular product and discussing applications that give the readers numerous ideas on how to use that product correctly and successfully. We are not looking for negative reviews, just useful information that sparks creativity!

Send us your best advice, tips, tricks, and studio hacks that might change the lives of our readrers (or at least save them time and frustration!)

We love seeing your layout & design ideas! 

Tell us your thought process and inspiration while you designed a particular project for yourself or a client. Include step-by-step photos of your concept sketches, changes in design, and working on the artwork or product. 

Include client specifications (if applicable), any problems you encountered along the way, and the finished artwork photo. 

Also include tools, materials and supplies used, and finished size(s). 

Videos are HIGHLY encouraged! High definition, excellent sound if you are speaking during the video, and landscape format preferred.

Also share any bumps in the road you encountered, how you fixed them, and the story behind your project design. 

Please include information on the exact tools and supplies you used.

We'd love to hear your stories about setting up a calligraphy or lettering business, your favorite software and apps you used, success secrets, how you offer superior customer service, giving clients an amazing experience, etc.

Have some advice for calligraphers wanting to start a business? Tell us more!

Would you like to see your work in Calligraphy Crush's Reader Gallery? 

Please submit high quality images - minimum 4x6, 300 dpi. These will be displayed smaller in the Gallery. 

Tell us a little about the tools and supplies you used to complete your artwork as well as the story behind it!

 Invitations, Save-the-Dates, signage, reception details, monograms, favor tags, goodie bags, bridal party & welcome gifts, thank you notes, party goods, etc. 

We love a good party or celebration and may even love the paper goods more!  

Please include photo attribution if you did not take the photos. 

Photos should be at least 300 dpi.

A time-honored favorite with a modern twist - crests and monograms have made a serious comeback. 

Tell us about your inspiration, design process, tools and supplies you used, etc.

Just took an amazing class and want to share your review? 

Offering a great class you think our readers want to know about? You've come to the right place.

Tell us about the class, workshop, seminar, or conference - location, atmosphere, whom you met, what made it unique, places you visited with other students, etc.

We especially want to know the Aha! moments you and other students while you attended!

Show us your amazing hand-lettered and illustrated designs!

All designs must be completely original (not a copy of someone else's style or artwork, even if you give them attribution).

We'd love to see your logos, websites, birth announcements, art pieces, illustrated quotes, printables, etc.

Maps have gone to a whole new level. We'd love to see your map designs. 

Recipe Illustrations using calligraphy and watercolors. iPad illustrations are also welcome.

Business cards, play-date cards, and social "calling cards" stylishly let people know how to contact you. 

Chalk artists continue to delight us with beautiful designs using simple tools and a limited palette. 

Please submit photos and descriptions of your original chalk designs, and the story behind it.

Calligraphy or lettering for home goods, fabrics, gifts, jewelry, prints, etc. 

Add your ridiculously good-looking calligraphy, hand lettering, or watercolor illustrations that don't fall under any other category!

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